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About Mindful Songwriting

Mindful Songwriting is a collaborative online course between Caragh and Ali from Align Wellness. Together we combine yoga practices, breathwork and songwriting exercises that help to unlock your creativity, focus your mind and build positive habits that support your creative practice. 

I'm Caragh, a professional songwriter, mum and creative entrepreneur. For the last three years I have been carving out a creative career in a way that suits me. As a mum to two beautiful children, a wife and part-time employee, and trying to pursue a creative career in an industry that isn't set up for mothers, pushed me to re-think how I can achieve my goals without sacrificing my family life. 

As any parent will tell you finding time to write songs and focus on creativity isn't as easy as it sounds, which is where Ali comes in. Ali and I worked together when I was pregnant with my kids. We would meet weekly to do breathwork and yoga practices that supported my pregnancies, focused my mind and as it happens, unlocked my creativity I could then channel into my songwriting. The biggest lesson I learned from that time was to make time for myself to explore my songwriting, and establish healthy habits that worked for me and my family rather than trying to squeeze it in alongside everything else. 

In those three years I have released an EP, six singles, made several music videos, played a festival, returned to live performance and most recently released my debut album (it's called Pieces of Me and you can listen to it here). 

All of this has led me to this point and the birth of Mindful Songwriting. I want to help other mums and creatives who are returning to making music by establishing healthy habits, a focused mind and self-awareness. You have a story to tell and we want to hear it. 

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