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A year we won't forget...

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

2020 has been a year like no other, I think we can all agree on that. It's had it's fair share of ups and downs and has highlighted the inequalities of humanity, not just in the present time but from the decades and centuries that preceded where we are now. The human race has endured natural disasters, social unrest, a virus that brought us all to a standstill and held up a mirror to who we really are. Some of those reflections were ugly and rightly addressed but some of them showed us the beauty in being human and has taught us to break free from the shackles that are holding us back from being the best we can be.

I know a lot of people perhaps don't "celebrate" New Year and many will be glad to see the back of this one, but for me I really embrace this time of reflection and relish looking ahead to a new year full of opportunity. 2020 has given me a lot of time to focus on what's important to me and offered some space to actively pursue my true passions in life. For this I am eternally grateful and I hope to continue into 2021 despite the ongoing lockdowns and separations from family and friends. I know one day we will be able to meet and hug, cry and celebrate and I genuinely feel it will be sooner rather than later but for now I am enjoying the peace, the stillness and tranquility of a slow pace.


In this current mood it's only fitting that I've ventured into the world of creating meditation music, specifically for Align Wellness yoga classes. It's a new venture but one I am thoroughly enjoying and hope to delve into further as 2021 unfolds. Ali who runs Align Wellness has guided me through my current pregnancy, through weekly online pregnancy yoga classes, tailored to my physical and emotional needs. It's kept me centered and focused on what's truly important to me as well as offering up a much-needed slice of the elusive alone time many parents crave! As I approach the end of my pregnancy and embark on becoming a parent of 2, I feel more prepared (well, as much as anyone can be before a baby arrives!) and settled, and ready to meet my little sleep-thief. Ali has most definitely played a vital role in getting me to this point. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone who needs some calm and focus in their life. She caters to all abilities and the best introduction is her Coorie Inn class (a donation based online class focusing on restorative poses and relaxation), which starts up again on 10 January. For more information, visit her Facebook page. Listen out for my meditative music on her Spotify playlists which are specially curated for her Coorie Inn classes.


A final word from me before 2020 comes to a close. Thank you. Thank you for all your support, kind words, listening ears and encouragement this year. I started out thinking I'd release a single and perhaps that would 'get it out of my system' but it only fuelled the fire and led me to release an EP, get my website up and running, start a songwriting service, learn how to record my own music and now venture into meditation music. Who knows what 2021 will bring, hopefully more music, more releases and if the world opens up again, perhaps some live performances! None of this is possible without you though, so once again thank you.

Take care of yourself and a sincere Happy New Year from me and mine to you and yours, you absolute legend.

Sending love

Caragh x


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