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Behind the scenes - Sleeping With The Fishes

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Let me tell you a wee story. This is Jayne Wayne and she's a cowgirl from the wild west (of Scotland). By wild, I am (mainly) referring to the weather as it does get rather wet and windy on this side of the country!

Anyway it is a rare sunny day in summer of 2020 and the whole world is in lockdown. Jayne seizes an opportunity to get her once-a-day exercise by extinguishing the dinosaurs of the land. These dinosaurs have been roaming the earth, dominating everything in sight for far too long and Jayne knows that it's time for things to change. With her trusty steed, Findus, she leaves her campsite and with the power of dodgy special effects, she strikes fear into each and every dinosaur she comes into contact with. One by one, they fall like dominoes quivering with the knowledge that their days are numbered.

Scared, confused and not knowing how things went so wrong for them, the dinosaurs turn on each other in a bloody, violent showdown in the middle of Carmat City. Tiny, inefficient cars screech out of the way to avoid being crushed by nature's giants. Random explosions go off in all directions and all Jayne can do is watch as the empire of the Dinoarchy crumbles before her eyes.

Satisfied that the world is now a better place, Jayne and Findus waltz off into a magical (imaginative) sunset, flanked by the grateful citizens of Carmat City who just also happen to be out getting their once-a-day exercise at that precise moment (socially distanced, of course).

We can rest easy. Jayne Wayne and Findus will protect us!


Although it may seem a them vs us situation in the video which you can check out here, (or scroll the bottom) they really are all pals when the cameras are turned off. This is a photo of Longneck catching a ride on Findus' back and Toofy chilling with Jayne. I have to say, as much as they were a delight to work with they were demanding actors! Who asks for a pineapple as part of their rider?? DIVAS...

I hope you find as much joy from this video as I did making it.

Take care out there people!


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