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Introducing 'Love Stories by Caragh'

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

As a songwriter you get the chance to write about absolutely anything going on in the world, your life, other people's lives etc. But nothing is more exciting and challenging than writing a bespoke song for a couple who are deeply in love and about to get married.

And so 'Love Stories by Caragh' was born.

In June 2019 I wrote my first ever bespoke song for a couple getting married in rural Scotland. The setting was incredible, the couple were fantastic and their story was so beautiful. Perfect fodder for songwriting! What resulted was 'Twenty Years' which went on to air on BBC Radio Scotland and secured a top ten place on the Stewart Cruickshank Songwriting Bursary competition.

When I first presented this song to the couple (who were completely unaware that I was even writing a song about them, for them) I wasn't prepared for the reaction. They loved it so much, they asked me to sing it at their wedding ceremony and I couldn't have been more honoured.

This inspired a rather exciting idea to write bespoke songs for other couples who were heading down the aisle. My second couple who were due to get married in October 2020 commissioned a song for their upcoming ceremony. The result was 'Place To Call Home' and I'm delighted to say the clients love it! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing their story and weaving those wonderful memories into a song they can cherish forever.

What the clients had to say:

"Caragh, I'm completely blown away, that song is amazing!! It's so lovely, I shed a wee tear actually" - Kirsty & Gav

"When we heard the song for the first time we were speechless. Utterly speechless and there may have even been a few (ok a lot of) tears!

The song is such a beautiful reflection of the long history of our relationship. Caragh has such a delicate way with words and a real skill to articulate emotion, which is such a special talent to have and to share!

It's the most beautiful gift that we will cherish forever." - Ali & Martin

"Oh my goodness what an amazing idea! Her songwriting and voice are amazing!!!" - Nikki Leadbetter Photography, wedding photographer

If you are looking for something extra special for your upcoming nuptials, something that you can cherish for as long as you both shall live, then get in touch today to find out more.


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