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Gabrielle called it - Dreams can come true

I'm in a very positive mood today, not that you'd know it if you saw me. But I've been reflecting a bit lately and I am encouraged by how far things have come. If you saw my social posts this morning, I talked about a question I get asked a lot - 'How do you do it?' ... enter, awkward silence. I don't have an answer but I can say this...

Following your dreams can be a daunting prospect, particularly when you face setbacks and obstacles along the way. However, it's important not to give up on your dreams, as the rewards of pursuing what you truly love can be immeasurable.

When I was in my twenties, I had big dreams of being a successful music artist. I wrote my own songs and played gigs regularly, but I was also very naive and didn't understand how to make a financial living from it. In the end, like any business that isn't nurtured, I threw in the towel. I felt disheartened and discouraged, believing that my dream of being a musician was unattainable. I gave up and moved on with my life, focusing on building a family and a career.

However, the urge to pursue my musical passion never really went away. And when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and we were all in lockdown, I found myself with the time and space to explore my passion once again. I decided to give my dream another shot, armed with a new mindset and fresh energy. I wrote and released my first EP 'The Show,' and I was overwhelmed by the response it received. It reminded me of the joy and fulfilment that comes from creating music and sharing it with others.

Now, I'm preparing to release music from my upcoming album 'Pieces of Me,' which is due out in September 2023. I am amazed by the progress I've made since restarting my musical journey, and I'm proud of the music I've created. Pursuing my dreams has not only reignited my passion for music but has also brought me a sense of purpose and fulfillment that I couldn't have found elsewhere.

The importance of not giving up on your dreams cannot be overstated. Following your dreams requires patience, resilience, and determination. It's crucial to understand that setbacks and failures are a natural part of the process, but they do not define your journey. In fact, they can often be the catalyst for growth and improvement.

By giving up on our dreams, we deny ourselves the opportunity to explore our passions fully and find our true calling in life. When we allow fear and self-doubt to control us, we miss out on the potential for greatness that lies within us.

Even though following your dreams can be challenging, the rewards are worth it. Don't let setbacks or failures discourage you from pursuing what you truly love. Keep pushing forward, and remember that your dream is attainable if you are willing to put in the work and never give up.

Take care


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