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Spotlight January 2023

Under the Spotlight this month: Roo Bell

I'm so thrilled to introduce you to another wonderful human who's been part of my ever growing team through this experience of making the album. Roo Bell is a makeup artist and all-round wonderful human who worked her magic to bring all the Hollywood glamour to my video shoot. Without further ado...

When did you first get into makeup as a career?

When I was a kid I wanted to be a makeup artist but found myself going down a different path, though the interest still remained. Then, an actual gazillion years later, in 2019 one of my best friends asked if I'd do her wedding makeup. I was both terrified and excited, and it got me wondering, is this something I could do now? So, I jumped out my comfort zone, signed up to the Academy of Makeup, did numerous courses, said yes to every opportunity going, and here I am! I'm a big believer in "it's never too late, even if it's scary".

What do you love most about doing makeup?

This is going to sound so cheesy, but it's true so here goes...I love helping people feel good about themselves. After we're done, maybe they just feel a smidge more confident, maybe they hold their head a little bit higher, or feel a bit more ready for whatever they've got planned; but they still feel like themselves. It's brilliant. I also like creating a great environment while doing makeup for clients. Listening to them, ensuring they are relaxed, understanding how much or how little makeup they are comfortable with. It's really a privilege to be invited into whatever event someone is getting makeup for.

Do you have a favourite look?

I'm a skin gal. Skin is key. Hydrated, glowing, natural. I'm here for it!

Do you have any advice for starting out?

Network with other creatives, and that includes makeup artists. They aren't your competition, they're your support network. They get the challenges, the successes (like one time Mary Greenwell shared my insta story and other MUAs understood my joy!), they have advice, and they can recommend you to clients when they can't fulfil a booking etc. Everyone's a winner. Any makeup artists reading this? Get in touch!

What piece of kit could you not live without?

Noooo, this is too hard. Can I say my kit bag (which has all my kit in it?!).

Have there been any embarrassing moments during your time as a makeup artist?

Nothing that I can think of, sorry, very boring. Maybe I've just blocked them from my mind? I do remember being a little shy embarassed when the very moment I met a model I had to do her makeup in my car. The shoot was outside and there was no indoor space available. Luckily we bonded quickly and it was a fun and successful day!

Finally, I ask everyone this. Bagpipes - fan or not?

In December I was in the audience for the EDC Orchestra and Choir Christmas Concert at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. It was incredible from start to finish seeing those kids giving it everything, but the highlight was when they performed Highland Cathedral and were accompanied by the bagpipes. Oh me oh my, it was glorious! Went straight to my heart and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Therefore I!

If you are looking for a top notch makeup artist for your next event, check out our Roo on Instagram @roobellmakeup

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