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My Projects

Being a songwriter allows you to explore many things and that's what makes this job so exciting and unpredictable. I have been lucky enough to work with a number of people of some wonderful projects.  

Align Wellness is a Scottish yoga teacher with a particular focus on Hatha yoga, breathwork and Ayurveda. Her 'Coorie In' classes which are delivered online every second Sunday attracts a steady following and no wonder! A 90 minute opportunity to stop, breathe and explore your body, all to a curated playlist of music is the perfect way to round off a stressful week and prepare for the coming one. 

I am so pleased to be featured on said playlists with my original tracks specifically written for these classes and as we continue to work together we hope to you bring you a series of breathwork exercises which you can fit into your daily mindfulness practice. 'Take A Breath' will be released in 2023 so watch this space or follow our socials for more information. 

Find out more about Align Wellness

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Logo for The Moon Project


The Moon Project is a collaboration between a consortium of female composers in Scotland to produce an album of music to aid sleep. 

Supported by Creative Scotland and Arrow To The Knee productions, I am honoured to sit among this group of talented women and creating something beautiful that will help people who struggle with sleep in the modern world. 

Among the composers featured are:

Jessica Henderson, Luci Holland, Emily Frances Ippolito, Joanna Gill and Andrea Possee. 

The Moon Project will be released in December 2022 and will be free to download. 

Stay up to date with the latest news about The Moon Project: Instagram | Facebook 

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